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Kuih Sepit

Servings 100 g
Calories 210kcal


Dry Ingredients:

  • 9 g CAP KAPAL ABC Blended Rice Flour
  • 45 g ERAWAN BRAND Blended Rice Flour
  • 6 g All-purpose flour
  • 70 g Sugar
  • 2 g Salt

Wet Ingredients:

  • 100 g Coconut milk
  • 2 units Fresh eggs (Size A)
  • 60 ml Water
  • 5 g Coconut oil

Cooking Method

* To season the love letter moulds: prepare a fried egg for each mould you have so that the kuih can be easily removed from the mould once cooked.

  • Light up charcoal pieces in a rectangular pit. Fan them to become ember, which will take around 30 minutes.
  • Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.
  • In a separate bowl, whisk together all the wet ingredients.
  • Add in dry ingredients into the wet ingredients bit by bit, whisking all the time to prevent lumps forming and to achieve a smooth batter. Continue whisking until all the flour is incorporated.
  • Sieve the mixture to avoid any flour lumps.
  • Heat up several kuih sepit moulds on the charcoal pit.
  • Fry an egg in a pan. The fried egg is used to season each kuih sepit mould to avoid batter from sticking to the mould.
  • Once the mould is hot enough, put the fried egg in between the clamps, close them and let the yolk in the egg season the mould. Remove the egg from the mould and clean the mould with a brush. Repeat the process to other moulds. The moulds are now seasoned.
  • Pour a thin layer of the batter evenly onto the preheated mould followed by clamping it and bake it on the ember.
  • Scrape the edges of the mould to remove excess batter, to avoid the excess batter from burning and flip the mould constantly to ensure an even browning of biscuit is achieved.
  • Once the love letter turns light brown, quickly and gently remove it with a small knife and start folding into a quadrant when it is still hot. Alternatively, you may roll it into a love letter.
  • Once cool, keep them in an airtight container.


Yield: ±30 pieces
Kuih height: ± 5mm (after folding)

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